Saturday, 30 January 2010


hey all and welcome
attic cassettes is a small cassette label that releases 50copies of selected artists from around the globe whenever it has the time
there has been around 35releases so far some of which i intend sticking up here for download
with the artists permission
the attic sleeves were a gift originally of a hundred or so photo,s found in a trunk[in an attic]
in a place they call HORSE SHOE BAY [canada]
all of unknown individuals!
although most of these images have been used up now,i try keep the unknown territory going
most of the music on the label is underground/ experimental/jam/noise/etc etc
artist from france/spain/japan/usa/canada/germany/uk and adding!
enjoy your stay and please write and let me know what your thinkin

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  1. I found out about your label through some internet digging, it looks interesting! I’m a sophomore music student at Millersville University, and I’ve been talking to different labels about putting out an album made by a classmate of mine on cassette. I’m emailing to ask if you would be interested. He goes by the name “Attic Space” and makes drone/experimental synth pop. It’s quite unique, and I really think it would fit your aesthetic well. Even if you aren’t interested, if you could take a listen and download it would be greatly appreciated.
    I have a lot of connections to the college radio scene in Lancaster/Millersville, so I could help out greatly if you’d like some promotion in return. I love supporting music that I believe in, and I get the sense that your label does too! This is Attic Space’s first “official release”, so I’d love to pass some of your feedback onto him, or any info you might have on people that are into his style.
    Thanks for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you!

    -Kevin (you can email me back at